Diana Michelle

I graduated from the University of Arkansas with bachelor's degrees in Biology and Fine Art. Since then I have passionately pursued the visual arts through photography and videography. For 13 years I taught photography and Photoshop in Northwest Arkansas while also working as a caregiver to the elderly and disabled. To this day I still care for my life partner Thomas, a fellow artist with spinal muscular atrophy. This life experience is certainly the origin of my empathy and interest in compassionate touch.While going through The Edge School of Massage here in Fayetteville and completing continuing education courses I fell in love with Lomilomi massage in particular. I came to the realization that the movements and intentions expressed through each individual and unique massage is truly an art form in itself. Massage is a very important and useful method of realigning the body and mind into harmony. It is my pleasure to help improve your quality of life and offer some insight into your own self-care for the betterment of your life experience.

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